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LMH Pharmacy Residency

LMH offers an ASHP-accredited PGY1 Pharmacy Residency that was designed with the mission to provide our residents with experiences that develop the knowledge, skills, and values to support excellent pharmaceutical care for the patients they serve at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and throughout their careers.

Contact Information

Christina R. Graham, PharmD, BCPS

Residency Program Director


Patrick E. Parker, MSP, RPh

Pharmacy Department Director


Application Process

Apply using PhORCAS. Application deadline is Monday, January 8, 2018.

Application Checklist

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Structure

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Residency Learning Experience Descriptions

Explore the learning experiences offered at LMH!

Meet the Residents


Katelyn "Katie" Beachner, PharmD

Drake University, 2017

Sarah Roth, PharmD

University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2017


Sullivan and Aversman

Shannon Sullivan, PharmD (left)

University of Southern California,2016


Lauren Aversman, PharmD (right)

University of Missouri - Kansas City,2016



Janine Ohler, PharmD

University of Kansas, 2015

(785) 505-6445

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacist

Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Mollie Fearing, PharmD

North Dakota State University, 2015

(785) 505-6445

Current Position:

Clinical Night Pharmacist

Lawrence Memorial Hospital


Audra Derry, PharmD

University of Kansas, 2014

Current Position:

Internal Medicine Clinical Pharmacist

The University of Kansas Hospital

Kansas City, KS

Audra's Quote:

"LMH provided me the tools and experiences to do anything and go anywhere I want with my pharmacy career. This program is dedicated to developing leaders and providing world class patient-centered care. The LMH family is supportive and committed to on-going learning, resident involvement, and advancing the practice of pharmacy. The director is passionate for continuous program improvement and I appreciated the willingness to go above and beyond to tailor the year to my interests. The opportunity to travel to Kenya and make a positive impact on healthcare issues at an international level was rewarding and led to a lot of personal and professional growth. I am forever grateful for my experiences at LMH.

Rachel Jankowski, PharmD

University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2014

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacist

Shawnee Mission Medical Center

Shawnee Mission, KS

Rachel's Quote:

"LMH is a wonderful residency program that prepares you very well to work anywhere. My time in residency at LMH taught me to raise the bar of expectation for the role of the pharmacist in providing superior patient care. I am honored to have had the opportunity to complete my training there!"


Abby Hein (Switzer), PharmD (left)

University of Kansas, 2013

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacist

Meds 2 Beds Coordinator

PGY1 Residency Preceptor for Ambulatory Care Longitudinal Rotation

Lawrence Memorial Hospital


The residency program at LMH offers such incredible opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I chose LMH because I felt it could prepare me to work in any type of pharmacy setting, which holds true as I currently work in inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory care environments. The preceptors have an astounding passion for learning and proudly represent our profession at the state, national, and international level in a positive and professional manner. I cannot thank everyone enough for the truly unique experience. LMH and the preceptors provided me with more learning opportunities than I could have ever imagined while being incredibly supportive and caring. I genuinely enjoy the hospital staff outside of the pharmacy as well. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to stay and continue to work with and learn from such wonderful people at LMH!

Morgan Sandell, PharmD (right)

University of Kansas, 2013

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacist

Mercy Hospital

Fort Smith, AR


After completion of my first solo 7 days of 12-hour shifts post residency, I could look back and say it went well! I could NOT have handled 30+ vancomycin consults and order verification for a 220+ patients and 5 rural hospitals without my experiences at LMH! Thank you to everyone who helped during my residency!


Megan Novak, PharmD

University of Nebraska, 2012

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacist

Bryan Medical Center

Lincoln, Nebraska


"Thanks so much for giving me code and intubation experience."

After a code at first post-residency position

Megan Bernabe, PharmD, MPH, BCPS

University of Iowa, 2012

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacist

Mercy Medical Center

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


University of Iowa Adjunct Faculty

Professional Mentor to University of Iowa Pharmacy Students


"The residency program at LMH offers amazing learning and professional development experiences that were way beyond my expectations. Not only do you get a solid background in core knowledge areas, but you are able to experience direct patient care, can take on unique projects, develop a working knowledge in medication safety and technology, and take on multiple teaching opportunities. The flexibility allows you to shape your year how you want it, no matter how your interests change throughout the year. The preceptors and directors are phenomenal people and teachers and fully embody the idea that pharmacists should never stop learning! I feel so lucky to have been a resident at LMH."


Erica Hochard, PharmD, BCOP

University of Kansas, 2011


Oncology Residency

H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute

Tampa, Florida

Current Position:

Clinical Oncology/Hematology Pharmacist

University of Kansas Hospital

Kansas City, KS


KU Residency Advisor

KU PGY2 Oncology Preceptor of the Year 2015


"Being a resident at LMH was truly a rewarding and unique experience. You have the opportunity to provide exceptional patient care every day and work with outstanding healthcare professionals. The effects of exceptional patient care are not only seen in the city of Lawrence, but internationally as well with the learning experiences in Thailand and Africa. I will be forever grateful to LMH and the residency program and I am extremely proud to be alumni."

Brandon Johnson, PharmD, BCPS

South Dakota State University, 2011

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacist, Internal Medicine and ER

Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health System

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Avera McKennan Pharmacy Residency Coordinator


"I would like to thank all of the LMH staff (not just the pharmacy staff) in making the LMH Pharmacy Residency Program a great experience for helping my patient-centered professional development. Cheers!"


Tyler Dieker, PharmD, BCPS

University of Kansas, 2010

Current Position:

Clinical Oncology Pharmacy Specialist

Stormont-Vail HealthCare

Topeka, KS


KCHP District III Director (2013-2015)


"Lawrence Memorial Hospital offers a career changing PGY1 Pharmacy Residency. The pharmacy is full of individuals with exceptional knowledge, great precepting skills, and a depth of passion for pharmacy. The clinical skills, experiences, and relationships gained were critical for my development as a pharmacist and will continue to be. I cannot count how many times that I have thought, "Thank You, LMH" after answering questions or drawing on an experience that was learned during the residency. I am forever indebted to LMH."

Amanda Dugal, PharmD, BCPS

University of Rhode Island, 2010

Current Position:

Clincal Pharmacist - Specialty Pharmacy

University of Chicago Medical Center

Chicago, IL


Pharmacist Liaison - Women's Care Center


"Thank you to everyone at LMH for an awesome learning experience and for preparing me professionally and personally! A special thanks to all those who have been to Kenya, I grew exponentially while serving the amazing people of Kenya!"


Lisa Crosley, PharmD

University of Nebraska, 2009

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacist

Salina Regional Medical Center

Salina, KS


University of Kansas site preceptor

PGY1 Residency Preceptor for Internal Medicine and Medication Safety/Education

Small Group Pharmacology Facilitator for the University of Kansas School of Medicine - Salina campus

KCHP District II Director (2012-2014)

Michele Wood, PharmD, BCPS

Creighton University, 2009


Ambulatory Care

Kaiser Permanente

Denver, Colorado

Current Position:

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Anticoagulation and Anemia Service

Kaiser Permanente

Denver, CO


University of Colorado & Regis University Site Preceptor

Kaiser Permanente PGY2 Preceptor

"Lawrence Memorial Hospital is a gem! The pharmacy staff and preceptors are invested and committed to the resident's learning experiences. It is a great learning environment with some of the best mentors I have ever had in my professional development. LMH offers a variety of learning experiences that can be tailored to the resident's interest. I truly believe I would not be where I am today without my experiences at LMH. I cannot thank you all enough.

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