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Published on March 17, 2014

Together we are saving sight.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital and Saving Sight join forces to help restore sight to others.

46,000 Americans will need corneal transplants this year to treat eye diseases and injuries. The gift of sight is a life-changing experience for recipients, often relieving pain and reviving personal independence. During the month of March, National Eye Donor Month, we celebrate the people who are working together to rescue others from a life of blindness.

In 2013, Saving Sight partnered with hospitals, surgeons, and generous donors and donor families to help 2,587 people receive donated corneas. In fact, patients and their family members allowed Lawrence Memorial Hospital to aid in restoring sight to 35 of those corneal transplant recipients last year. The community's support is greatly appreciated!

The newest advancement in cataract surgery is now at LMH.

Saving Sight wholeheartedly thanks the Lawrence community for their continued support of eye donation. Your support throughout the year honors eye donors and helps grateful recipients receive the gift of sight.

LMH asks you to take the opportunity this National Eye Donor Month to join us in saving sight:

  1. Learn more about eye donation at
  2. Pledge to be an eye, organ, and tissue donor on the donor registry at
  3. Speak with your family and friends about your choice to donate.
  4. Share the message of donation with others in your hospital and community.

On behalf of those 35 people who received a cornea transplant last year due in part to your thoughtfulness and the hard work of the staff at LMH, Saving Sight thanks you for your partnership.

Better Health

When should my child be training? 

"There are different 'peak seasons' you should be training. For instance: If you are playing volleyball right now, you should only be training one time a week. In that one time a week we work on flexibility, recovery, making sure things are staying strong from your summer training. 

If you are not playing and you are not training, the body does not retain are loosing everything that you have gained. Train more on off seasons, less in season." Adam Rolf, DPT, ATC, CSCS


Better Health is produced by Lawrence Memorial Hospital and Freestate Studios, a division of WOW, to promote healthy lifestyle and health topics that are of interest to our community.

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