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New Look For My Patient Portal Content

My Patient Portal now has a new look and some new features. New features include:

  • A list of key vitals and labs on the home page
  • A history of results for repeated lab tests
  • View and download Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs)

Here's a preview of what to expect the next time you log in:

Home Page

New features include simplified navigation along the top of the page, and a dashboard of allergies and key results to the left.

My Patient Portal Homepage


The Messaging section contains all of your sent and received messages, similar to a traditional email inbox.

My Patient Portal Messaging

To send a message, begin by typing your provider’s first or last name, and select from the suggestions.
My Patient Portal Message Your Provider

Medical Summary

This page contains a summary of your medications, immunizations, allergies and health issues as recorded by your provider.

My Patient Portal Medical Summary

Vitals and Lab Results

Vitals and Lab Results can be searched by date range. A history of results for a repeated test is available by clicking on the name of the lab result.

My Patient Portal Lab Results


The Documents page contains clinical summary and patient education documents provided during past visits.

My Patient Portal Documents


Dosing and ordering information for current medications is available on the Medications page.

My Patient Portal Medications


The Procedures page displays historical procedure information.

My Patient Portal Procedures

Copy of Record

The Copy of Record displays the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) for each LMH visit, along with a record summary. This document can be downloaded or securely transmitted to another practice.

My Patient Portal Copy of Record

Personal Information

The Personal Information section displays current demographic information in the LMH record. The form can be used to send corrections or updates to LMH or the relevant practice.

My Patient Portal Personal Information


The Appointments page lists upcoming appointment information. Clinic patients can use the Request Appointment form to request a clinic appointment.

My Patient Portal Appointments

Need technical help accessing My Patient Portal?

Call the My Patient Portal support line at 1-877-621-8014, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.