• According to the Record with Hank Booth - December 4, 2020 12/4/2020

    In our final show of the year, Hank talks with our guests about some of the services available to patients at the LMH Health West Campus.

  • Middle school runners get fit to run with RunStrong 2/5/2021

    It’s a Tuesday night at 5 p.m. and LMH Health West Therapy is starting to fill up with middle school runners from the Lawrence community. Their goal: get fit to run!

  • On the Run: Analyze this 8/9/2021

    The next step in my marathon journey was to undergo a video running analysis from the LMH Health RunStrong team. While I wasn’t sure quite what I was walking into, I knew that I’d be in great hands.

  • On the Run: Three weeks to go 9/17/2021

    I am a glutton for punishment. In the midst of marathon training, I thought to myself, “Self? Wouldn’t it be a grand idea to run a half marathon in the midst of this training madness? You’re already running the miles. Let’s see what you can do.”

  • On the Run: Training is definitely a thing 7/9/2021

    Yep. Training for a marathon is a thing. It’s a thing that takes some serious commitment – more than I realized when I hit the enter button on my browser in March. So it was time to find a training plan.

  • On the Run: What have I done? 6/25/2021

    If you asked me 20 years ago if I ever thought I’d be a runner, I would have said that you must be crazy. Me? A runner? Little did I know that at some point, that would all change.

  • Recognizing the RunStrong senior class of 2021

    We're so proud of the accomplishments of the high school seniors in this year's RunStrong program. Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

  • Rivals on the course become community off of it 3/22/2021

    On the course, these runners are rivals. But during the off-season, they are training partners. Learn how RunStrong helps female runners from local schools get stronger, faster and improve overall performance.

  • RunStrong helps athletes of all ages and abilities reach their goals 11/9/2020

    When the COVID pandemic caused high school soccer to cancel practice in the spring, Christopher Stone had a realization. It wasn’t the technical skills of soccer that motivated him, it was the contact portion of the game. With that piece missing, Christopher decided to focus on his running performance and used LMH Health’s RunStrong program for help.

  • RunStrong training increases Free State runner's confidence and control 4/12/2021

    If you watched Isabelle Pro compete in the March 26 track meet at Free State High School, you wouldn’t guess that this was the freshman’s first time running track. Learn how the LMH Health RunStrong team helped improve her confidence, control and performance.