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The Breast Center at Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Digital Mammograms, Breast Health Education and More

Designed with women in mind, Lawrence Memorial Hospital's Breast Center provides a soothing environment that makes your annual mammogram as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Call 785-505-3300 for an appointment at one of three locations near you. Starting at age 40, women should have a screening mammogram every year.

Committed to Your Health

When it comes to fighting breast cancer, early detection is a powerful weapon. In fact, breast cancer survival rates are nearly three times greater when caught early. Family history may put some women at higher risk, but the risk is there for everyone: 85 percent of breast cancers occur in women with no family history of the disease.

The best way to protect your breast health is through annual mammograms. And yet, according the American Cancer Society, only one out of every two women in Kansas gets properly screened for breast cancer each year. At LMH Breast Center, we are working hard to change that by making digital mammograms comfortable, quick and convenient.

Using state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment, we are dedicated to delivering the best in breast cancer screening, breast cancer education and breast cancer treatment.

Accredited by the American College of Radiology, we are committed to the early detection of breast cancer, and we adhere to guidelines outlined by the American College of Radiology and the American Cancer Society.

Your Experience at The Breast Center

The Breast Center's facilities and services are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible. At The Lawrence Memorial Hospital Breast Center, you can expect:

  • Digital mammography equipment with cushioned MammoPads® to soften your experience.
  • Flexible and walk-in hours. Schedule your screening appointment after work or dinner.
  • A comfortable, welcoming environment.
  • A private dressing area, which opens directly into the exam room.

Call 785-505-3300 to schedule a mammogram

No time to schedule a mammogram? Walk-ins welcome at LMH South

LMH Breast Cancer Survivor, Megan Hill

Megan's Journal

At 38, Megan found out she had breast cancer and chose LMH for her care. Read Megan's Journal to learn more about her personal journey through breast cancer treatment and triumph at LMH.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital

From diagnostic testing to treatment and care, at LMH,
we know cancer.

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