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Cancer Care in Kansas – LMH Oncology Center

You and your loved ones don’t need to travel for exceptional cancer and hematology care. The Oncology Center at Lawrence Memorial Hospital provides advanced treatments in a safe and caring environment that’s close to home.

Since we opened our doors in 2000, LMH Oncology Center has been a place of hope and healing for many. We take a team approach to cancer care – experts working together across many disciplines to offer hopeful outcomes and advanced, individualized therapies for every patient. We also work closely with you – the patient – as well as your family and primary care providers to deliver personalized treatment plans and additional support.

For appointments and information, call 785-505-2800.

The Expertise You Need

  • Board-certified physician expertise: Our team of oncologists and hematologists offers extensive experience in treating a wide range of cancer types, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer, as well as lymphoma, leukemia and other blood diseases.
  • Specialized expertise of an advanced level, oncology-certified nurse practitioner to assist physicians with patient care
  • Oncology certified nursing team (OCNs)
  • Pharmacists who specialize in oncology pharmacy
  • Licensed social workers providing comprehensive psychosocial services and programs through all phases of the cancer experience
  • Support staff and volunteers to assist with additional resources

150+ Cancer Clinical Trials

In addition to standard cancer treatment options like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, transfusions and more, LMH Oncology Center offers more than 150 cancer clinical trials. All approved by the National Cancer Institute, cancer clinical trials offer hope to those seeking treatments beyond standard therapy—treatments that may be less toxic, more beneficial and/or easier to maintain.

A Comfortable Place for You and Your Guests

To give you the relaxation, security and privacy you deserve, LMH Oncology Center is equipped with 15 private treatment rooms, all designed for patient comfort. Each room is furnished with a recliner, television and DVD player, a chair for visitors, and a nurse call response system. The Center also has 10 exam rooms for initial and follow-up appointments. We want you to feel comfortable and well taken care of every time you come here.

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Meet Dr. Jodie Barr

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The role of actually being able to help support my patients is very rewarding for me. I'm like the guide to help them through this journey.

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Meet Dr. Jodi Palmer

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I hope that every patient has a good support system such as family or friends...people who will help care for them and support them emotionally. And ask additional questions! We want them to be as educated as possible to help in the care of our patients.

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Meet Dr. Luke Huerter

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"Take the time to ask the questions you need and also try to have a support system in place to kind of help you through this time. I think this is probably one of the more important aspects of care for cancer patients."

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Meet Lori Winfrey, APRN

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"I have the extra time to spend with the families. The family is our 'eyes' at home and we use those families at home to help us care for their loved ones." 

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