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  • Total Joint Replacement Program

Total Joint Program

If you suffer from severe joint pain that limits mobility and is not alleviated through non-surgical methods, total joint replacement could be the right option for you. Lawrence Memorial Hospital proudly offers a Total Joint Program to provide comprehensive care for patients undergoing elective total hip replacement or total knee replacement surgery.

For the vast majority of patients, total joint replacement is an effective way to reduce pain, restore normal joint function and return to favorite activities. If you experience the following symptoms or conditions, you may be considered for elective total joint replacement:

  • Joint pain restricts your work, exercise and routine daily activities.
  • Joint pain continues even when you're resting.
  • Your pain is not relieved through medication, physical therapy or the use of a cane or walker.
  • Stiffness in your joint(s) is severe enough to limit mobility.
  • You are unable to tolerate pain medication, or you experience complications as a result of your pain medication.

Joint replacement surgery is elective – even if your physician recommends it, you still get to make the final decision. Knowing what you can expect is your key to making a well-informed choice. At LMH, we use a multidisciplinary team approach to promote an environment of healing and excellence – before, during and after your procedure.

Before Surgery

You and a guest will have the opportunity to attend a Total Joint Class that explains what to expect throughout your procedure and recovery (the class is available at LMH's main campus on Tuesdays).

During Surgery

  • A board-certified orthopedic surgeon will remove the arthritic or damaged parts of your joint and replace them with a prosthesis. There are several types of prostheses available, and your surgeon will determine which type best meets your needs.
  • A total hip replacement typically takes 1-2 hours. Knee replacements take about two hours.

After Surgery

  • Your primary nurse will work closely with you and a multi-disciplinary team to coordinate a personalized post-operative care plan for you.
  • To aid in your recovery, you will be up and moving as quickly as possible (for your comfort, we recommend packing loose-fitting clothes to wear).
  • Most patients, including hip replacement patients, stay in the hospital for 2-3 days. An LMH social worker will address any concerns you have about needing help after discharge.
  • Your recovery will continue at home. Knee replacement patients will continue outpatient therapy for several weeks. Complete recovery from a total hip replacement typically takes 3-6 months.