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Palliative Care

What does the LMH Palliative Care Consulting Team do?

Physician/Nurse Practitioner

Your attending provider is involved with your care in most cases. The Palliative Care physician or nurse practitioner will make recommendations for management of complex symptoms; discuss your medical care with other providers involved in your care including your primary care provider; ensure that the patient and family members understand the diagnosis and prognosis; and educate medical and other staff members about palliative medicine.


Palliative Care nurses will asses the patient and family; develop an initial Palliative Care plan; assist in management of difficult symptoms; advocate for the patient and family members and caregivers regarding goals of care; educate staff members about palliative care; assure that all appropriate disciplines are included on the team; and coordinate process improvement activities.

Social Workers

Social workers on the Palliative Care team help patients and families cope with many issues; assist with resource identification and discharge planning; support advance care planning including assistance with advance directives; and facilitate patient and family meetings with members of the interdisciplinary team.

Spiritual Care

The chaplain on the Palliative Care team will discuss spiritual concerns with the patient and family; advocate for the patient and family members; educate team members regarding spiritual concerns; and assist with spiritual rituals if requested.