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Microlaparoscopy Surgery

The surgical teams at LMH have been on the forefront of many minimally invasive surgical procedures. They are proud to offer patients a new technique – microlaparoscopy surgery – for both adult and pediatric patients for a variety of conditions.

In microlaproscopic surgery, the instruments used are just 2.7 mm, compared with 5-10 mm in traditional laparoscopic. This means the incision is even smaller, which causes less trauma to surrounding tissues and skin, and can provide better appearance overall post-surgery.

The diagram below illustrates the differences between incisions for each type of surgical approach. Microlaparoscopic surgery can be used for appendectomy, gallbladder removal (cholescystectomy), or GERD surgery (aka Nissen). Your surgeon will determine if you are a candidate for this new surgical procedure.

Microlaparoscopy Surgery