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(785) 505-5000

Contact Us

At Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists, we are dedicated to providing you with a positive experience before you even walk in the door. Whether you are a current patient with questions, or you're looking for a new OB-GYN provider and want more information about the OB-GYN services we provide, we encourage you to contact us today.

Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists
Lawrence Health Plaza
330 Arkansas, Suite 300
Lawrence, KS 66044

  • Appointment Scheduling: 785-832-1424
  • Fax: 785-505-5240
  • Medical Records (Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists only): 785-832-1424
  • Billing: 877-767-8477
  • Surgery Scheduling: 785-505-4974 or 785-505-4975
  • Doctor Referrals: 785-505-4981

Phone Nurses (including requests for FMLA and Disability forms):

  • Dr. Moreano: 785-505-4981
  • Dr. Underwood: 785-505-4983
  • Dr. Bennett: 785-505-4987
  • Dr. Riggs: 785-505-4999
  • Dr. Holman: 785-505-4972
  • Pamela Pray, CNM: 785-505-4985
  • Lara Rivera, CNM: 785-505-4985
  • Emily Fox, CNM: 785-505-4985

Practice Director: 785-505-4960

Please call with routine questions such as mild illness, appointments or prescription refills, during our regular office hours, Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5:00 pm. If you need to reach your Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists provider for an urgent matter after hours, call our main office at 785-832-1424 and request a call back from our on-call provider.

Meet Dr. Phillip Moreano

"I have the privilege of bringing a baby to a couple and nothing will bring them greater joy than that."

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Meet Dr. Michele Bennett

"The things that drove me to pursue a career in OB/Gyn originally, continues to drive me today. Such as: being able to do surgery, being able to deliver babies and also being able to provide preventive care everyday for my patients."

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Meet Dr. Leslie Underwood

"I like to be as hands off as possible in the laboring process and let things progress as naturally as possible."

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Meet Dr. Emily Riggs

"When I have patients in the office I am able to educate them and really become a partner with them in their healthcare. Together, my patient and I can really work together, toward great things for them."

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Meet Dr. Lynley Holman

"I like Obstetrics a lot, even the high risk obstetrics...but I like to watch the younger women grow up, and take ownership of their bodies and take responsibility for their health. That's just a patient population that I really enjoy."

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Meet Jan Morey, APRN

"I have been with LOGS for over 18 years and a Nurse Practitioner over 20. I want my patients to be the leader in their healthcare. I will help them find the resources they need to have the experience they desire."

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Meet Holly Dunoon, APRN

"I really encourage patients to be proactive with their healthcare and to really think about what things are important to them...then be prepared to be involved!"

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