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Obstetrical Services

Having a baby is an exciting experience. Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists is here to answer your questions, address your concerns and provide complete obstetrical care in a comfortable environment that's close to home. Our experienced physicians, certified nurse midwives and nurses will be there for you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period.  

Our OB-GYN providers deliver exclusively at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in the newly remodeled Family Birthing Center. We offer the following obstetrical services:

Prenatal and Postpartum Care  

We are dedicated to providing exceptional OB care for women during pregnancy, throughout labor and delivery, and after your baby is born. We offer state-of-the-art technology to monitor you and your baby's progress, including blood tests, fetal ultrasounds, nuchal translucency screenings (for chromosomal abnormalities and congenital heart defects), non-stress tests and more. After your baby is born, we will continue to monitor your health closely to help ensure the smoothest possible physical recovery.

Read more about tests and screenings available during the first, second and third trimesters of your pregnancy, and what to expect during the various stages of pregnancy each month.

Uncomplicated Pregnancies  

We support each woman's choice of birthing method for uncomplicated vaginal deliveries. When a planned or unplanned C-section is necessary, our highly skilled physicians will perform the procedure in the comfortable surgical suites of the LMH Family Birthing Center.

High-Risk Obstetrics  

Women with high-risk pregnancies are in good hands at Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists. If you or your baby has an increased risk of health problems, our physicians are highly trained to monitor and care for you throughout your pregnancy. Our goal is to ensure the safest possible outcome for mother and child.

Contact us at 785-832-1424 for more information about our OB-GYN patient services.

Upcoming Educational Classes

From prenatal care and childbirth preparation to breastfeeding, postpartum fitness and parent support groups, you want to keep you and your family healthy for life. At LMH, we support your "Journey through Parenthood” by offering educational classes and programs to help you navigate all stages of parenthood.

Meet Dr. Phillip Moreano

"I have the privilege of bringing a baby to a couple and nothing will bring them greater joy than that."

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Meet Dr. Michele Bennett

"The things that drove me to pursue a career in OB/Gyn originally, continues to drive me today. Such as: being able to do surgery, being able to deliver babies and also being able to provide preventive care everyday for my patients."

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Meet Dr. Emily Riggs

"When I have patients in the office I am able to educate them and really become a partner with them in their healthcare. Together, my patient and I can really work together, toward great things for them."

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Meet Dr. Leslie Underwood

"I like to be as hands off as possible in the laboring process and let things progress as naturally as possible."

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Meet Dr. Lynley Holman

"I like Obstetrics a lot, even the high risk obstetrics...but I like to watch the younger women grow up, and take ownership of their bodies and take responsibility for their health. That's just a patient population that I really enjoy."

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