12-29-21 a.m.: Treatment & Procedure Center (TPC) status

December 29, 2021

Treatment & Procedure Center (TPC) status

To: Members of the LMH Health Medical Staff and Independent Practices.

From: Dr. Christopher Brychel, Caitlin Johnston, APRN, Christina Lawrenz, RPh

Providers –

The Treatment and Procedure Center (TPC) is overwhelmed with orders as the current COVID-19 surge continues. We ask that providers DO NOT share with TPC’s phone number with patients for follow up. It may take 24-48 hours for TPC staff to call the patient for scheduling, so we ask for their patience and yours during this trying time. As the situation continues to evolve, TPC continues to make daily adjustments. 

  • The sheer number of orders received is outpacing the Pharmacy and TPC’s ability to manage, primarily due to incorrect paperwork, the amount of corrective work it takes TPC staff and surge demands on pharmacy.
  • While we do ask providers to call and verify that TPC received faxed orders, we request that you don’t call repeatedly as handling the influx of phone calls limits staff ability to schedule patients.
  • Pharmacy has reached its maximum capability, as a maximum of 10 patients per day keeps us within an appropriate safety margin and within the monoclonal antibody allocation.
  • Please also review each patient that you refer and utilize this resource for those who are most appropriate, per the protocol found in the December 3 communication available at lmh.org/mab.
  • Orders received from independent providers require a co-signature. This means that same-day approval is not likely, as Dr. Riaz is not always in a position to co-sign in the timeframe needed to comply with EUA criteria. We are bound by this criteria and can’t infuse patients outside the approved window.

If you have questions, please reach out to Dr. Brychel, Caitlin Johnston or Chris Lawrenz.