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Mammography Guidelines

Currently, only one in two women in Kansas is getting properly screened for breast cancer each year. By making digital mammograms easily accessible in three convenient locations around Lawrence, LMH Health is helping more women give themselves the advantage of early detection in the fight against breast cancer.

A mammogram is a digital or X-ray image of the breast used to detect abnormalities in breast tissue. Breast cancer survival rates nearly triple when the disease is caught and treated early.

Why Digital Imaging

Digital imaging boosts the quality of diagnostics and care by enabling our physicians to view results in better detail. It also facilitates a more collaborative multidisciplinary approach by allowing radiologist and surgeons, for example, to view the same images simultaneously regardless of location, bringing you a cohesive and seamless approach to your health plan.

Recommended Guidelines

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the American College of Radiology (ACR), mammograms are the best method of early detection for breast cancer. ACS and ACR recommend regular, yearly screening for all women age 40 and over.

The American Medical Association (AMA) also recommends that women over 40 have a clinical breast examination every 1-2 years, with or without symptoms. However, women with a family history of breast disease or the presence of a breast cancer susceptibility gene (BRCA) mutation are often at higher risk and may start regular mammographic screening earlier than the age of 40.

The more dense your breast tissue is, the harder it is to see cancer on a mammogram image. Learn more about breast density and what it means in terms of breast cancer screening options.

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