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Contact Us for Cancer Treatment

Call 785-505-2800 to make an appointment for cancer care and treatment at LMH Health.

Cancer Screenings & Diagnosis

Take charge of your well-being with cancer screenings and diagnostic tests at LMH Health. These exams offer answers you need to make informed choices about your care, so that you can enjoy a healthier life.

Screening Tests

Screenings look for signs of cancer early, before you experience symptoms. Early detection makes treatment more effective. Learn about tests, self-exams and guidelines for:

Talk to Your Doctor

Ask your primary care provider which screenings are right for you based on your personal and inherited risk of cancer. Primary care professionals can:

  • Perform a cervical cancer screening, skin cancer screening, and clinical breast exam in the office, usually during a routine checkup
  • Order a lab test to screen for prostate cancer
  • Make a referral for a lung cancer or colon cancer screening

Diagnosing Cancer

If your screening results show something unusual, or you have cancer symptoms, your doctor may order at least one of these tests to learn more:

  • Imaging exams – Provide a detailed look at a suspicious area of tissue
  • Lab tests – Check your blood or other body fluids for signs of cancer
  • Biopsy – Takes a small sample of unusual tissue to examine under a microscope

If you need a lab test, visit one of our lab services locations or call (785) 505-2880 to ask about scheduling a test at our drive-through lab at 225 Maine Street in Lawrence.

Getting Test Results

Your doctor’s office will contact you as soon as possible about your screening or diagnostic test results and recommend the next steps You can also check the results online in My Patient Portal.

After a Cancer Diagnosis

If you learn you have cancer, take comfort in knowing you’ll have the full support of LMH Health’s expert team. We’ll meet with you to explain your diagnosis and treatment options, answer your questions, and help you feel confident in your path forward.