Contact Us About the Survivorship Program

If you’re an LMH Health patient, talk to your doctor about referring you to the survivorship program at the end of your cancer treatment.

Call the LMH Health Cancer Center at 785-505-2800 if you are not a current LMH Health patient to learn how to participate in our cancer survivorship program.

Survivorship Program

Take advantage of the lifelong cancer survivorship program at LMH Health for support through your cancer diagnosis, treatment and after treatment.

What’s the Cancer Survivorship Program?

You’re a cancer survivor from the time of your diagnosis until the end of your life. Our survivorship program delivers extra support and whole-person care after you complete cancer treatment. Whole-person care means you’ll get patient-centered, coordinated care for your mind, body, and spirit. This approach improves your well-being and outcomes so you can live a healthy, full life.

Who Can Get Survivorship Care?

The survivorship program at LMH Health is open to all cancer patients in the community. You can participate even if you did not receive cancer treatment from us, you’ve had cancer and treatment before, or you had childhood cancer and treatment.

Personal Attention After Cancer Treatment

When you finish care treatment, you’ll meet with a survivorship navigator and doctor to talk about your personalized end-of-treatment care summary. Your survivorship plan will include information about your cancer:

Long-Term Monitoring & Screening

Rely on your team to teach you about your cancer treatment's potential side effects and the long-term complications you may face. We’ll share your plan with your primary care doctor and work with you and your doctor to:

  • Help you navigate life after cancer treatment
  • Guide you to helpful resources
  • Keep your screenings up-to-date
  • Manage ongoing treatment side effects

The survivorship team will also help you coordinate referrals and follow-up visits if needed.