Heart Risk Assessment

Take Heart. Knowing your risk can save your life. 

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in America, accounting for approximately one in three deaths every year. Knowing your numbers and assessing your heart disease risk are important steps to take in preventing heart problems or getting treatment as early as possible.

Cardiovascular Specialists of Lawrence offers a tool to better manage your heart health with "Take Heart" – two heart risk assessment options to identify your individual risk factors for heart disease. Both assessment options include lab work and body measurements, and Option 2 includes a Hemoglobin A1c test to estimate average blood sugar levels for those who need it:

Option 1 Option 2
Blood pressure
Waist circumference
Body mass index (BMI)
Fasting lipid profile (aka lipid panel)
Fasting blood glucose
Thyroid-stimulating hormone
Hemoglobin A1c
Nutrition/exercise recommendations
Education materials
Private consultation with a risk assessment provider
Duration 30 min 60 min
Price $40 $75

Call us at 785-505-3636 or ask your primary care provider which heart risk assessment option is right for you. Based on your results, we may also order additional tests:

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To schedule your heart risk assessment, call 785-505-3636 or enter your contact information in the form to the right. No referral is required. After your assessment, we will send a results report to your primary care provider. Looking for primary care? Choose a provider who chooses LMH.