Giving Birth at LMH Health

Motherhood is full of tough choices, so we make the first one easy. For a smart start, choose the Cindy Murray Family Birthing Center at LMH Health.

Birthing Options

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We know you have devoted much time and thought to plan your unique birthing experience. At LMH Health, our lower-than-average C-section rate means we do our best to follow the birthing plan you and your doctor or midwife have agreed on.

Fetal Monitoring System

When you arrive at the hospital for your delivery, we’ll monitor your contractions and the rate and rhythm of your baby’s heart to ensure you and your baby receive the best possible care. Our telemetry fetal monitoring equipment also combines safety with mobility – as we monitor your baby's well-being and the progress of your labor, you are free to walk around your room and the birthing center, and even relax in your private whirlpool tub.

Private Labor, Delivery and Recovery Rooms

Your labor and delivery experience will take place in the privacy of your own fully equipped birthing suite or one of our dedicated Cesarean section suites.

Spacious Patient Rooms

After delivery, you and your baby will share a relaxing private room with large windows, a flat-screen TV and a whirlpool tub. Sleeper sofas welcome your overnight guest.

Specialized Care Nursery

If your baby needs a little extra attention, he or she will be cared for by registered nurses and medical doctors specially trained in the care of premature and sick infants. Our Special Care Nursery is supported by neonatalogists, equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced, compassionate professionals.

Personal Lactation Support

It sometimes takes infants and new mothers a little while to get used to breastfeeding. Experts in our Infant Nutrition Center and The Perfect Fit provide personal lactation support to help you and your baby learn to work together to make sure nutritional goals are met – even after you go home. And, because hospitals play an important role in making the experience easier, LMH Health is also a proud participant in High 5 for Mom & Baby, a program that aims to improve breastfeeding success in Kansas through hospital care that supports nursing moms and babies. We are proud to say our new moms have a very high breastfeeding rate of 90 percent.

Advanced Security

During your time with us, we want your attention to be focused on bonding with your baby. Rest assured, the Cindy Murray Family Birthing Center at LMH Health provides advanced security with a continuously locked entrance for the safety of your newborn. Patients and visitors are buzzed in by our friendly staff upon arrival – an additional level of protection that enables your new family to spend time together in our safe, comfortable environment.

Trusted Team of Doctors, Midwives and Nurses

Our team of the most dedicated doctors, certified nurse midwives and nurses in the region has helped deliver thousands of healthy babies. We work together to provide attentive, compassionate care for you and your baby during pregnancy, delivery and beyond.

Educational Programs

We invite you to “Journey through Parenthood” with us by participating in educational classes and programs that walk you through the stages of parenthood. We also offer childbirth classes online and in-person. From prenatal care to parent support groups, we want to help keep you and your family healthy for life.

Convenient Location

The Cindy Murray Family Birthing Center at LMH Health is right around the corner. Nestled in the Pinckney neighborhood at 325 Maine Street in picturesque Lawrence, Kansas, the hospital is just minutes from I-70, K-10, U.S. 59 and 24/40 Highway.

When you choose the Cindy Murray Family Birthing Center at LMH Health, you’re choosing to give birth in a compassionate and comfortable environment. Our team of dedicated doctors, certified nurse midwives and nurses work together to deliver quality, attentive care for you and your baby.