Our Birthing Suites

Giving birth at LMH Health is a memorable experience. Our beautiful and spacious rooms provide the ultimate in comfort, privacy and technology.

Labor and Delivery Rooms

We created our birthing suites with your comfort and care in mind. Each suite provides a convertible couch for your partner, a flat-screen television, DVD player, and a whirlpool tub equipped with air jets and a hand-held sprayer for your comfort. From the moment you arrive at the Cindy Murray Family Birthing Center, a highly sensitive, fully mobile fetal monitoring system will focus care on you and your baby. By combining safety with mobility, our telemetry fetal monitoring units allow us to track your baby's well-being and the progress of your labor, while you walk around the birthing center or relax in your private whirlpool tub. A warmer with safety equipment and a scale are ready for baby’s arrival.

Postpartum/Recovery Rooms

After delivery, you and your baby will share a relaxing and cheerful room with large windows, a flat-screen TV, DVD player and a whirlpool tub. These spacious, private rooms are large enough for extended family visits, with plenty of breathing room for you. Sleeper sofas welcome your overnight guest. We want to create a home-like environment perfect for bonding with your new family member.

Cesarean Section Surgical Suites

For planned and unplanned Cesarean section deliveries, the Cindy Murray Family Birthing Center has two surgical suites. Our C-section operating rooms offer the same comfortable environment as the labor and delivery rooms, and they are centrally located within the birthing center for provider and patient convenience. After surgery, C-section moms and babies share a postpartum room as described above.