Our Nursery

Although your baby can room with you throughout your stay, your baby will also spend time in the nursery. After bonding and being fed, your baby will visit the newborn nursery for routine screenings and monitoring. The nursery is staffed 24/7 by registered nurses specially trained to care for your newborn.

Special Care Nursery (SCN)

A high-risk pregnancy demands a specialized level of care during both pregnancy and delivery. Other pregnancies may encounter unexpected problems. At birth, many of these babies require the care of a Special Care Nursery (SCN).

The SCN at LMH Health is equipped to deliver babies as young as 34 weeks, including those with respiratory and feeding difficulties or those that require antibiotic and IV therapy. The center also has on-call neonatologists who specialize in the medical care of newborns and infants. Together with our skilled nursing staff, they provide life-saving care and high-tech monitoring until babies are stable. Parents are involved in their baby’s care 24 hours a day, and are welcome in the SCN.

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