About Us

About Us

At The Internal Medicine Group, we have been providing excellence in medical care to our community since 1979. We offer primary care, secondary care, consultations and a wide range of services to help our patients live healthier lives. Together our patient care team has several decades of experience providing adult patient care.

Also known as internists, our board-certified doctors expertly prevent, diagnose and treat complex diseases and illnesses. In addition to internal medicine, we offer specialized services in the areas of gastroenterology and infectious disease. As primary care providers, we care for our patients throughout their adult lives—in our office, during hospitalization and intensive care, in-home care settings, and at the end of life. When patients are referred to us by another primary care provider, we offer exceptional secondary care services for a variety of acute care needs.

Over the years, the practice and our experienced care team have grown, but we continue to focus on providing excellence in patient care. To accommodate our steady growth, we moved our office facilities twice since establishing our original 901 Kentucky Street office, before opening our current facility at 4525 W. 6th Street in 2005.

In 2011, we proudly joined the LMH Health network of physician practices. As an LMH Health-affiliated practice, we share the hospital’s mission: we are dedicated to providing personal and high-quality health and wellness services for the people of Lawrence and the extended community.

For more information, contact us at 785-505-5160 or read our frequently asked questions.

Awards and Recognitions

The Internal Medicine Group is proud to have received the following awards and recognitions:

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