Lawrence General Surgery

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In this video, surgeon Blake Conklin, DO, FACS, explains some options for general surgery at LMH Health. 

When you need surgery, you want the board-certified surgical expertise of Lawrence General Surgery. Using advanced technology, we provide high quality surgical care at LMH Health for a wide range of conditions. Our patients benefit from our focus on performing minimally invasive procedures, including laparoscopy, microlaparoscopy, and robotically assisted surgery, whenever possible, which often result in faster recovery, less post-op discomfort and smaller scars.

When care requires an emergency surgical procedure, Lawrence General Surgery provides round the clock coverage to the Emergency Department at LMH Health. We partner closely with ED physicians to provide you with safe, timely care for any emergent conditions, such as appendectomy or bowel obstruction.

Whether performed in the advanced surgical suites of LMH Health, or at our practice inside the Lawrence Health Plaza at LMH, our patients can count on our team of expert surgeons for an unparalleled level of care, as well as a compassionate and caring patient experience.


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The talented surgeons of Lawrence General Surgery have the experience and expertise to manage complex abdominal conditions, including appendectomy, gallbladder, or surgical treatment for GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Each surgeon is able to combine this exceptional care with their own natural, instinctive ability to personalize the surgical experience and its aftercare. Patients are treated as a person first, and consulted as a team member on the best surgical option(s) for their condition and lifestyle.


The surgical team of Lawrence General Surgery is part of a multi-disciplinary care group comprised of oncologists, radiation specialists, reconstruction/plastic surgeons, oncology certified nurses, and other professionals, all dedicated to each patient’s breast disease. We work together from the initial breast biopsy, to discussing lymph node involvement, by reviewing options for lumpectomy or mastectomy procedures, and maintain that collaborative care approach throughout the patient’s treatment plan. Our team fights breast disease alongside our patients every step of the way.

Colon and Rectal

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Colon and rectal diseases and disorders require advanced surgical techniques and outstanding professional skills by the performing physician. At Lawrence General Surgery, our surgeons offer the latest in surgical care to patients who suffer from anal fissures or fistulas, colon cancer, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, and rectal conditions and cancers.


Lawrence General Surgery has extensive experience with a wide variety of hernia conditions, which provides each patient with individualized care for their situation. Surgical treatments for epigastric, femoral, incisional, inguinal, and umbilical hernias can be performed in a minimally invasive manner that can often result in a more rapid recovery process and with minor scars.


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At Lawrence General Surgery, we perform surgeries on the skin to remove suspicious moles or other bothersome tags and lesions, as well as more complex skin issues, including skin cancer. Using the latest surgical techniques and minimally invasive procedures, our surgeons can preserve more healthy tissue compared to traditional skin cancer surgical approaches.

Our team can also remove tumors just below the skin (lipoma), certain skin abscess or subcutaneous infections, and biopsy tissues for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.


Thyroid and parathyroid surgery for endocrine disorders involve intricate surgical care. That’s why Lawrence General Surgery approaches surgical intervention for these conditions with a meticulous, laser-like focus.

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