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Golf Performance Program

If you are a golfer who wants to improve rotational power, core strength, balance and flexibility, the Golf Performance Program is for you. With our 3D biomechanical assessments, our coaches will help add yards to your drive, increase swing efficiency and speed to reduce injury. Whether you compete in tournaments or just want to be the best golfer on the course during a round, this program is for you.

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Run Strong

Our Run Strong classes will prepare you for your first 5K, 10K or half marathon race. If you’re an experienced endurance runner, these classes are a perfect addition to complement your training. Our 60-minute classes focus on improving your mechanics, single leg balance and stability, as well as your overall strength and power.

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Adult Movement and Strength

Our Movement and Strength class focuses on injury prevention, improving movement, range of motion, control, strength and stability for adults. You’ll work to complete bodyweight skills such as squats, hip hinges and push/pull movements to help you move better and improve your functional capacity. As you progress, our coaches will encourage you to add to your patterns to build strength and function better in your daily life.

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