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Training 10 to 18

From tryouts to tournaments and beyond, high school sports can be a lot. Our training 10 to 18 program is tailored to high school age athletes participating in competitive sports. Our classes are offered to you in individual, one-on-one sessions and small group settings. No matter the sport - football, soccer, tennis, track and field, swim, baseball, softball, golf, lacrosse, wrestling, hockey and cross-country – you need strength, speed, and power. We want you feeling confident as you head into your sports season, and we can provide the tools to help you succeed.

Junior Strength and Conditioning

Learn how to train and develop strength beginning with bodyweight movements and transition to resistance strength training. During each session, you will work on speed, agility and jump training while learning how to move efficiently to create power. Junior Strength and Conditioning provides an introduction into sports training and heavy competition. If you excel in the junior program, talk with your trainers about moving into the varsity strength and conditioning program.

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Varsity Strength and Conditioning

Varsity Strength and Conditioning prepares athletes for sports competition. Comprehensive strength and conditioning work are designed to help you improve speed, fitness and strength. You will utilize vertimax platform, resistance training, mobility and recovery techniques to reach your physical performance potential.

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Speed and Agility

Our Speed and Agility class is designed to prepare middle or high school athletes for competition during the season. We work with you on pre- and post-speed, endurance and agility testing, and enhancement of athleticism. You’ll also learn performance and injury prevention techniques.

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Therapy for Concussion-Related Symptoms

No two concussions are alike. Some can lead to symptoms lasting for weeks or longer. If you experience lengthy concussion symptoms, such as imbalance or dizziness, talk to your doctor about concussion therapy at LMH Health Therapy & Wellness.

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ImPACT Concussion Baseline Testing

ImPACT is the industry leader in concussion management and trusted by teams and organizations around the world. Our licensed trainers use the ImPACT assessment tool to provide a baseline assessment before the start of a sports season.

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Tough Cuff

With elbow injuries are on the rise in baseball, we want to make sure you learn to take care of your arm so you can stay on the field and avoid surgery and rehab. Tough Cuff is the program designed for just that, including education and techniques to teach you all the ways to grow in your sport without getting hurt.

You will learn proper warm up, cool down, stretches and exercises for shoulder mobility, strength and stability. You will receive a handout of the program at completion of your final session so you can continue training on your own and working on your strength to avoid injury. The Tough Cuff program has both a college and high school level class. Find more information on the “Sign up online” link or email

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#RunStrong U19 Strength, Speed and Conditioning

The #RunStrong U19 Strength, Speed and Conditioning class is an offseason program for high school athletes that focuses on the care and prevention of running injuries. Our curriculum includes a comprehensive assessment and personalized education, and provides a strength and conditioning program to maximize your performance and promote a lifetime of healthy, enjoyable running.

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If you are recovering from an injury or are post-surgery, our Final Hurdle Series is perfect for you. Learn more about this program here.

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