Genetic Testing and Counseling

Like many people, there may be a history of cancer in your family, mostly involving relatives who developed cancer at an older age. This type of family history does not necessarily mean an inherited abnormality exists, and it may be associated with only a slight increase in cancer risk.

On the other hand, your family may have a more extensive history of cancer, perhaps involving diagnosis at a relatively early age and/or diagnosis of more than one primary cancer. This type of family history may have a hereditary basis (though only five to ten percent of all cancers have such a familial link).

The cancer risk assessment program at the LMH Health Oncology Center is designed to identify and inform patients at increased risk for hereditary factors. Our experts at LMH Health are equipped to provide clinical genetic testing for the breast cancer (BRCA) gene and colon cancer (HNPCC or APC) genes when appropriate. The program includes analysis and evaluation of family history, explanation of the genetics of hereditary cancer syndromes, risk assessment, and recommendations for screening, prevention and detection.

If you're concerned about a higher cancer risk due to hereditary factors, you may be a candidate for our cancer risk assessment program. Contact us at 785-505-2800 for more information.

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