Peroneal Tendonitis

What is it?

As the name implies, peroneal tendonitis, is an inflammatory condition affecting the muscles on the outside of the lower leg, known as the peroneals, at their attachment sites on the outside of the ankle and foot. Tendonitis typically occurs due to overuse and can be further exacerbated due to poor footwear. Patients with a hindfoot varus posture, meaning their heel is turned inwards, are at increased risk of developing inflammation to the peroneals.

What are the treatment options?

Because this is an overuse type injury, a majority of cases will respond favorably with rest, ice, compression and NSAID therapy. If pain persists, a walking boot may be prescribed to offload the foot and ankle joint and allow for healing. For those who present with a hindfoot varus, an orthotic may be prescribed to improve foot alignment and decrease the load to the peroneals.

Once pain subsides, patients can gradually resume previous activities. But, because this is usually related to overuse and overtraining, patients will need to consult their physician and/or physical therapist for recommendations on cross training and return to sport activities.

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