Sports Performance & Training

The LMH Health training philosophy teaches correct movement to develop speed, power and strength. We provide a fun training environment to enable athletes to learn and improve consistently over time.

Training provided by healthcare professionals

A licensed physical therapist assesses each athlete before his or her training sessions begin. With advanced knowledge of the body and how it moves, a licensed physical therapist evaluates each athlete’s movements and techniques to customize a training program that aims to correct improper movements, reduce the risk of many common sports injuries and maximize physical development.

A Functional Movement Screen (FMS©) allows the therapist to view where the athlete needs further development in areas of weakness and build on their athletic strengths. Athletes then train an individual or a small group to meet their training goals.

  • Private Training
  • Semi-Private Training
  • Group Training

Golf Performance Program

The Golf Performance Program is designed for golfers who want to improve their mobility, flexibility, strength and power. Our goal is to help add yards to your drive, increase your golf swing efficiency and club speed, reduce injury and utilize 3D biomechanics technology to improve your golf swing.

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Training for athletes 10 to 18

Young athletes want to prevent sports-related injuries and maximize performance in speed, agility and strength. When your young athlete works with our certified athletic trainers and exercise physiologists at the LMH Sports Performance and Wellness Center, they will benefit from fun, sport-specific and age-appropriate training opportunities.

Junior Performance Training

Learn how to train and develop strength beginning with bodyweight movements and transitioning to resistance strength training. Speed, agility and jump training each session with a focus on learning how to move efficiently to create power as an athlete.

Varsity Performance Training

This training prepares female or male athletes for the sports competition. Comprehensive strength and conditioning work are designed to improve speed, fitness and strength. Student-athletes utilize vertimax platform, resistance training, mobility and recovery techniques to reach physical performance potential.

ImPACT® Concussion Baseline Testing

ImPACT is the industry leader in concussion management and trusted by teams and organizations around the world. Our licensed trainers use the ImPACT assessment tool to provide a baseline assessment before the start of a sports season. Schedule an assessment.

Therapy for concussion-related symptoms

No two concussions are alike. Some concussions can lead to symptoms lasting for weeks or longer. If you are experiencing prolonged concussion symptoms, such as imbalance or dizziness, talk to your doctor about concussion therapy at LMH Health Therapy & Wellness.

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