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At LMH Health OrthoKansas, we want all athletes to stay active, healthy, competitive and safe on the field of play. As the area’s only orthopedic provider with a full suite of local sports medicine services, we offer exceptional orthopedic expertise for athletes to overcome sports injuries close to home or school.

About Sports Medicine. Sports medicine is the specialized area of LMH Health OrthoKansas that treats and prevents injuries related to sports and exercise. Our sports medicine team is dedicated to helping professional athletes, student-athletes, and adults involved in sports, personal fitness or physically demanding jobs. Our goals are the same as yours: recover from an injury, prevent future injury, and improve mobility and performance.

Comprehensive sports medicine services include:

  • Diagnostics: MRI, digital X-ray and CT imaging
  • Orthopedic surgery: Inpatient and outpatient procedures
  • Rehabilitation therapy: Physical and occupational therapy for safe healing and return to play
  • Sports performance and training: Improves speed, agility and strength while preventing injury
  • Sports physicals: Physical exams for student-athletes (required by the state and schools)
  • Concussion care: Expert diagnosis, treatment and management
  • Athletic training: Sports medicine for high schools and colleges

Athletes Who Treat Athletes. Athletes need specialized care to return to play safely and effectively. No one understands that better than the physicians and specialists of OrthoKansas, many of whom have advanced training in sports medicine and are proud lifelong athletes themselves. Valued by professional sports organizations worldwide—including the Olympics, FIFA and others—our highly experienced physicians offer the expertise you need in orthopedic care and surgery, as well as primary care to treat the whole athlete.

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Patient Stories:
See how sports injuries meet their match at LMH Health OrthoKansas

Suzanne Burris, OrthoKansas Sports Medicine Patient

Wayne Runnels, OrthoKansas Sports Medicine Patient

Dan Hughes, OrthoKansas Sports Medicine Patient

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Orthopedic Sports Injuries: Lower Extremities

Ankle and Foot Injuries Photo

Ankle & Foot Injuries 

Foot pain and ankle pain can sideline anyone, no matter how active you are. We diagnose and treat ankle sprains and fracturesplantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle bursitis, and other conditions. 

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Knee and Leg Injury Photo

Knee & Leg Injuries 

Whether knee pain is caused by an acute knee injury such as a torn meniscus, ACL tear, MCL tear or PCL tear, or by overuse injuries like knee bursitis or tendonitis or shin splints, we diagnose and treat injured knees and lower extremities.

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Hip Injury Photo

Hip Injuries 

Our hip specialists provide high-quality care for hip injuries, such as hip labral tears, hip fractures, hip bursitis, hip muscle strains and more.

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Orthopedic Sports Injuries: Upper Extremities

Wrist Injury Photo

Wrist & Hand Injuries 

Healthy hands and wrists are important for many sports. We treat fractures, sprains, ligament tears and joint dislocations to extensor tendonitis, flexor tendonitis, bursitis, and other overuse or repetitive motion injuries.

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Elbow Injury Photo

Elbow & Arm Injuries 

Minor elbow injuries can happen every day, but it’s important to recognize when elbow pain is caused by something more serious like elbow fractures and sprains, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, UCL injury, elbow bursitis, or tendonitis. 

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Shoulder Injury Photo

Shoulder Injuries 

Shoulder pain can be caused by acute injury or from overuse/wear and tear, such as rotator cuff tears, labral tears, bicep tenodesis (a.k.a. SLAP tear), as well as shoulder bursitis, impingement, shoulder separation and dislocation.

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