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Sports Medicine

Athletes need specialized care to return to play safely and effectively. No one understands that better than our board-certified physicians, many of whom have advanced training in sports medicine and are proud lifelong athletes themselves. Valued by professional sports organizations worldwide—including the Olympics, FIFA and others—our highly experienced physicians offer the expertise you need in orthopedic care and surgery, as well as primary care to treat the whole athlete.

We provide comprehensive, highly specialized orthopedic care for a variety of sudden (acute) sports-related injuries and overuse injuries, such as:


After a thorough evaluation and diagnosis, our skilled team of orthopedic surgeons and staff work with you to determine the best surgical or nonsurgical treatment options for your individual needs, including:

Cutting-edge technology

Incorporating technology into patient rehab isn’t new to the team at OrthoKansas, it’s something that’s commonly used. Therapists at the West Campus have access to state-of-the-art technology to help provide everyday athletes with feedback on strength, stability and gait.

OrthoKansas is the only location in the region boasting force plate technology from VALD Performance. Force plates are used in testing and training to help you achieve your performance goals while avoiding injury. They use sensors to detect differences in forces exerted onto the ground that therapists may not be able to see with the naked eye.

We also usilize an isokinetic testing machine, one of only a few in the state of Kansas. The machine provides the most objective measure of joint function following injury or surgery, both for upper and lower extremities.

The sports medicine specialists at OrthoKansas are dedicated to providing high-quality care and effective treatment, so you can return to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible. We are also proud to provide athletic trainers and serve as team physicians for several local colleges and high schools. For the personalized, attentive and local care you need to get back in the game, call on OrthoKansas.

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What is sports medicine?

Luis Salazar, MD,
Sports Medicine Physician

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