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MAKO robotic-arm assisted surgery

Advanced precision for knee replacements

For the latest advancements in total hip and partial and total knee replacements, you need the expertise of LMH Health OrthoKansas, the only orthopedic center offering MAKO technology locally. If non-surgical treatments aren’t helping your knee pain, robotic-assisted surgery may provide the relief you need.

With MAKO technology, your surgeon will use a 3D virtual model of your joint to create a personalized surgical plan unique to your joint damage and anatomy. During the procedure, MAKO provides data that allows the surgeon to make real-time adjustments as needed for optimal alignment of the joint implant. The surgeon skillfully guides the robotic arm for advanced precision throughout the procedure.

For patients, the benefits of MAKO robotic-arm assisted surgery frequently include shorter hospital stays, faster recovery, improved joint function, and less discomfort with decreased need for pain medication.

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Patients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to joint care, as well as our commitment to safe healing and patient care excellence before, during and after your procedure. In addition to local high-quality surgical care for joint replacements and joint revisions, our services include diagnostic imaging and physical and occupational therapy. We also provide a patient-focused nurse navigator program to guide you through your personalized care options along the full continuum.