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Balance and Dizziness Therapy at LMH Therapy Services

Balance & Dizziness Therapy

Balance and dizziness problems can interfere with your day-to-day life. Maybe it’s triggered while shopping in store aisles, or perhaps it’s a constant sensation of movement that causes frequent falls. With balance and dizziness therapy, you can return to a safe and active lifestyle.

Balance and dizziness therapy, also known as vestibular therapy, can help address these symptoms caused by a number of conditions, including:

Balance and dizziness therapy treatment program

Balance and dizziness therapy at LMH is unique to each patient. Our NeuroCom Balance Master® provides a detailed balance assessment of each patient so our therapists can design an individualized treatment program. This helps ensure timely and effective care.

Common symptoms our therapy program has helped alleviate include:

  • Dizziness with movement
  • Blurry or bouncy vision with movement
  • The sensation the environment is moving or spinning
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • Spatial disorientation
  • Motion sickness

Talk to your provider for a referral for a balance and dizziness evaluation at LMH Health today.

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