Sports medicine for athletes close to home

Sports Medicine Expertise at LMH Health

We want to keep athletes of every age performing at their best. That’s why we provide a full spectrum of sports medicine services, from orthopedic care and surgery to performance training and rehabilitation therapy.

Whether you’re a student athlete or a weekend warrior, we help you stay close and go further with comprehensive sports medicine care.

Athletes Who Treat Athletes

Competitive athletes themselves, our specialized orthopedic surgeons and physicians at OrthoKansas combine personal experience and advanced training in sports medicine to effectively diagnose and treat a wide variety of sports injuries and conditions. They also serve as coaches and physicians for local athletic teams.

Our Services

We offer a variety of sports medicine programs and services for athletes of every age, including:


Concussion Testing

Make baseline ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) testing part of your student-athlete’s preseason routine. The 25- to 30-minute computerized test measures attention, memory, reaction time, and other cognitive skills.

If your child experiences a concussion, we can compare their baseline test to a post-injury test to help determine how serious their injury is. If your child hasn’t taken a baseline test before being injured, we’ll compare their score to normative data (average test results). 

LMH Health PTs partner with local schools to offer ImPACT. You also can schedule this test by contacting a therapy services location near you. A doctor’s referral is not required for baseline ImPACT testing.

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