If you're facing surgery, ask your surgeon if robotic-assisted surgery is right for you.

Robotic-assisted surgery at LMH Health

Trust the board-certified surgeons and physicians at LMH Health to provide you with expert surgical care, close to home. Our team embraces the da Vinci Surgical System and latest advancements in surgical technology to provide you with high-quality care that promotes the best possible outcomes.

From minor surgery to complex cases, our team has performed thousands of robotic-assisted procedures with unmatched precision since 2012, including general surgery, oncological, gastrointestinal, urological and gynecological surgeries. LMH Health is home to the da Vinci Xi, the most advanced da Vinci Surgical System to date. We’re proud to be among the leading health systems using da Vinci Surgical Systems.

Taking healthcare further with da Vinci technology

Technology takes healthcare further, evolving in ways that empower our physicians to deliver greater patient choice and enhanced benefits.

But it’s not about the technology itself – it’s about what the technology can do. Our surgeons are completely in control of every procedure, providing direct, hand-guided input. da Vinci’s innovative software enhances visualization while improving precision and dexterity, allowing our surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures for a broader range of conditions than laparoscopic technology can deliver.

Benefits of da Vinci surgery for patients

da Vinci surgery is minimally invasive – requiring very small incisions while enhancing the surgeon’s vantage point and range of motion. This leads to benefits for patients including:

  • Shorter recovery periods with less post-operative discomfort
  • Reduced blood loss during surgery and minimal post-operative scarring
  • Enhanced clinical outcomes through enhanced visualization and surgical dexterity
  • Faster return to work and regular activities

Combining da Vinci surgical technology with our team’s expertise and state-of-the-art operating suites is one of many ways LMH Health is creating a healthier community. We deliver a patient-centered approach to care, with the comfort and convenience of staying close to home.

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