Going Home

When your care team determines you are ready, you will be discharged from the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (also called the PACU or recovery room) and sent home with a family member or friend. To make your post-surgery experience as comfortable as possible, you will receive specific discharge instructions and a telephone number to call if you have any questions or concerns. Your physician may also prescribe medication to manage pain or prevent infection.

Before You Leave the Hospital

  • Your nurse will review your physician’s written home care instructions with you and your caregiver. Please tell the nurse if you don’t understand the instructions.
  • A nurse will call you at home after surgery to check on your progress and address your questions or concerns. If you have questions or problems related to the surgery before we call you, please don’t hesitate to call your physician’s office.

It is important to follow your discharge instructions, including making any necessary office appointments with your physician. After your discharge, your primary care physician will resume regular responsibility for your care. In order to ensure that you receive continuity in care, our staff will send your regular physician a complete discharge summary about your procedure and treatment.

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