Patient Safety

At Lawrence Memorial Hospital, we are dedicated to providing you with safe, reliable care. As part of our Patient Safety Program, we participate in national quality initiatives to evaluate our patient care, our use of the latest technology, and hospital safety for patients, visitors and staff. LMH consistently exceeds state and national averages in quality measures and continually performs among the top U.S. hospitals.

Speak Up: Preparing for Surgery

When your doctor recommends surgery, it can make you feel alone and afraid. Taking steps to be prepared will help you feel more in control.

If you are having surgery at LMH, you can be confident in both the quality of our staff and the safety of our care. However, we encourage you to be your own advocate for safety. Please review the following information and take these precautions as you prepare for your procedure.

Safety Tips for Surgery

To reduce your risk for a surgical site infection and improve your overall safety before and after surgery:

  • Meet with your surgeon prior to surgery. Discuss medications, allergies and other medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood sugar. Talk about ways to lower your risk of getting an infection.
  • Ask your doctor if showering with special soap before your surgery could decrease your risk of infection.
  • Do not shave the area where you are having surgery. Staff will clip hair immediately before surgery to decrease the chance of skin infection.
  • Tell your anesthesia provider if you or a family member has had previous problems with anesthesia.
  • Tell your anesthesia provider if you are allergic to latex and if you have sleep apnea or trouble sleeping.
  • Keep warm to prevent infection. Ask for blankets or whatever else you may need to stay warm while you wait for surgery and during recovery.
  • Ask your nurse or physician if you will be prescribed an antibiotic.

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