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Women’s Health at LMH Health

Women have unique health care needs – needs that change as time goes on. LMH Health provides a variety of health service for women of all ages:

Because they are often busy taking care of others, Women can forget to put their own health care at the forefront. That is why we take pride in making it easy and convenient for women to prioritize their health and receive the best quality of care.

Women’s health reimagined at the Women’s Center

Our Women’s Center, located at LMH Health West Campus, provides a stream lined service of multidisciplinary care in one place. This means you can setup same-day appointments to ease any anxiety about test results and be proactive about combatting issues, as well as check-off multiple yearly screenings in one go with services like walk-in mammograms.

Our clinic also provides mental health services for women experiencing post-partum, menopausal, and breast conditions, including referrals, medication management and support groups.

Together, our board-certified physicians and highly skilled clinical staff provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic health screenings, medical treatments and procedures, and other women’s health patient services to ensure that women can make their health a top priority.

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