Testing & Diagnosis

Day 1: I felt a lump. I hope it’s not breast cancer.
I had no idea when I woke up on Wednesday how emotionally strange and difficult the rest of my week would be. Wednesday morning started routinely enough, right down to clicking OK on my calendar reminders...

Day 4: I had my mammogram at LMH Breast Center today…
While waiting for the results of my diagnostic mammogram, all I could think about is how scary it will be if it’s positive, and how amazing it will be if it’s negative. To the extent that I could, I prepared myself for both responses.

Day 7: One breast ultrasound and two biopsies later, I got some answers today.
Two days ago I had an appointment with Dr. Paul Kolkman (general surgeon at LMH), so he could further evaluate the lump in my breast. He did a breast ultrasound followed by two breast biopsies...

Day 29: The results are back from my MRI at LMH – I need a lumpectomy. I’m trying to stay positive but…I’m scared.
If you’re following along, you already know the lump I felt at the start of this ordeal isn’t cancer – BUT my surgeon saw two nodules on my sonogram that might be.

Day 34: Come again? I really do have breast cancer? Time to gear up for the fight of my life...
I have breast cancer. I need a mastectomy. Possibly more. I found out earlier today, and my mind is still reeling. I thought I was emotionally ready to hear the bad news, but when it came, it hit me like a... 

Day 35: Met my oncologist at LMH today. She recommends some additional tests to help determine my treatment plan.
Today I met my oncologist, Dr. Sharon Soule, at the LMH Oncology Center. We discussed the fact that my grandmother had breast cancer in her seventies, which means I have a family history of the disease.

Day 49: Finally some good news!! BRCA results are negative. What a relief!
Today I found out my BRCA gene test results are negative! This is VERY good news because it means I will need a single mastectomy, rather than having to seriously consider a double mastectomy, hysterectomy and ...

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