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Day 154: Easing into my new anti-cancer diet…it’s all about staying healthy from here on out!

Anti-cancer dietIt’s ironic how hard it’s been for me to eat healthy throughout chemo. With so much nausea and all the “fun” symptoms that go along with it, chemo and healthy, high-fiber foods don’t mix well for me. But today marks three weeks since my fourth and final chemo treatment, and while I’m still waiting for the drugs to fully leave my system, I’m close enough now that I can start easing into my new, all-organic, anti-inflammation, anti-cancer diet.

In fact, today I made my very first batch of flaxseed granola with organic blueberries, which is full of vitamin D3. My dad also bought me an awesome, top-of-the-line blender and a rice cooker/food steamer/slow cooker, both of which I'll need for my new diet. Those of you who know me know eating healthy isn’t new for me, but now I’m definitely taking it to a whole new level. After what my body has been through, it’s more important than ever for me to be good to it.

I’m also purging my house of toxic chemicals, which lurk in places you might never have thought about. No more chlorine-bleached toilet paper or coffee filters at my home, and only non-toxic cleaning products allowed. Only all-organic make-up for me as well. You get the idea. “No toxicity” is both how I choose to live, and how I choose to cope.

Of course, I realize this post makes it sound like I’m zipping around the house, cooking and cleaning up a storm, but right now I can only wish that were true. My energy is coming back slowly, but I still get exhausted easily if I overdo it…I’m continuously in awe of just how worn out my body is. But Dr. Soule, my oncologist, assures me I will feel just like my old self again soon…I just need to give my body more time to heal from the chemo and everything else it’s been through these last few months. I had my last breast expander fill today, and I now see that beautiful light at the end of the tunnel, which is getting bigger and brighter every day.

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