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Day 172: I’m back at work! It feels so good to be at the office. I missed working in my office more than I ever thought possible.

Going back to work during cancer treatmentToday I made a giant leap back to normalcy: I went back to work at the office! I've been working from home a few hours a day, but to finally have enough strength and energy to work outside my home…THAT feels like I’m really getting somewhere. Or back to somewhere I should say…back to my old routine.

Granted, I’m only working three hours a day right now, but at the risk of sounding cheezy, it’s just what the doctor ordered. I loved every second I was back at my desk, working the job I love, in the company of colleagues I adore. When I got home, I had lunch and took a little walk – something I plan to make a habit of every day until I’m back to work full time.

It’s so nice to have my energy back. I no longer need a nap every day to re-energize (though I’m fortunate my schedule is light enough that I can take one when I need it). I’m getting out of the house, breathing fresh air, eating healthy and living clean…and man, does it feel good.

Here’s to the joy of normalcy AND the joy of new beginnings! Ain’t life grand?! 

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