Day 49: Finally some good news!! BRCA results are negative. What a relief!

Megan Hill, cancer survivorIt’s a happy day, my friends! 

Today I found out my BRCA gene test results are negative! This is VERY good news because it means I will need a single mastectomy, rather than having to seriously consider a double mastectomy, hysterectomy and oophorectomy. Getting the results brought a HUGE smile to my face and lifted what felt like the weight of the world from my shoulders.

I feel incredibly thankful right now, because I know many people in my shoes endure things much worse than what’s in store for me. In fact, as I sit here writing this post and celebrating my results, I can’t help but feel sadness and grief in my heart for the many women facing breast cancer who don’t get to hear the same good news as me.

BUT, good news or not, I do still have breast cancer. I have a battle of my own to fight, so I can’t let those thoughts of sadness consume me. Right now my focus is on gearing up for what lies ahead…and the countdown has officially begun. My mastectomy is next week. Between now and then, I’m all about spending time with my son, family and friends, and soaking up every ounce of strength and hope and love that I can.

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