Treatment & Care: Chemotherapy

Day 140: With my last chemo behind me and only one surgery left to go, I’m almost finished fighting against cancer…though I know I've already won.

Megan's Llast chemo sessionIt has been one week since my fourth and final chemo treatment.

Even though I still feel pretty cruddy, I already see myself emerging from this triumphant. In the span of the last 140 days, I've been tested for and diagnosed with breast cancer. I lost my left breast and have had it incrementally reconstructed. My hair fell out. I’ve had three surgeries so far with one to go, and I’ve been through the hell of chemo four times.

When I see it all spelled out like that, it sounds like so much loss. But no…the truth is I’ve gained so much.

Sure, I had to put fun on hold for a long time. And yes, my life and the lives of those who love me have been drastically disrupted. But that’s all proving to be very temporary – soon, I will be 100% Megan again – but the lessons of love and kindness and gratitude and humility that I’ve learned along the way are forever. I’ve been given a second chance at not just my life, but also my outlook on life. Now I get to see the people and the world around me through a whole new lens, and what I see is simply beautiful.

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After Chemo Round 4

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