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Day 69: Chemo education class…check. Wig party with my besties…check. Come on chemo, let’s do this.

Wig Party for MeganTwo nights ago, I went to a Chemotherapy Education Class at LMH so I would know what to expect at my first chemo treatment tomorrow. The class lasted about two hours, led by two social workers and an oncology pharmacist from LMH Oncology Center. One other patient was there – a fellow breast cancer patient who has the same treatment plan as me. We talked for a while after the class, and because our circumstances are so similar, we bonded almost instantly. We plan to keep in’s always great to make new friends.

The class was helpful, and I’d recommend it for anyone who’s about to embark on chemotherapy at LMH. In my case, I already knew a thing or two about what to expect because my dear friend, Coletta, stood in my shoes a few years ago when she had chemo at LMH for breast cancer. The best way to approach each treatment, according to Coletta?

Make chemo day a fun day!

Sounds nuts I know, but when you understand how chemo works, it makes perfect sense. “You’ll feel good on chemo days,” as Coletta puts it. “It’s the days that follow chemo that you’ll feel lousy.” So I’m taking her advice and bringing Coletta and my mom along. LMH Oncology Center has really nice, private treatment rooms with comfy furniture and TVs with DVD players, so we’ll watch a funny movie, crack a bunch of jokes and create hilarious memories while I get my cancer treatment.

And speaking of hilarity, I’m having a little “wig party” at my house tonight (seems fitting for Chemo-Eve, don’t you think?). Coletta is bringing all her wigs over for me to borrow. We intend to have a ball – after all, is there any better way to conquer a challenge than to face it head on surrounded by laughter and love? Nope! Not for me there isn’t!

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