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Day 34: Come again? I really do have breast cancer? Time to gear up for the fight of my life...

Breast Cancer Treatment at Lawrence Memorial Hospital

I have breast cancer.

I need a mastectomy.

Possibly more.

I found out earlier today, and my mind is still reeling. I thought I was emotionally ready to hear the bad news, but when it came, it hit me like a freight train. No one was more surprised to hear it than me. Despite everything that leads up to it, can anyone ever really be prepared to hear something like that? 

It’s been a crazy couple of days. I had my lumpectomy surgery yesterday (it went fine for those who are wondering, no problems). Today my parents and I met with my general surgeon, Dr. Kolkman, to hear the results of my pathology report. He told me all three nodules are breast cancer tumors. They’re small tumors (the largest is 1.1 centimeters), but significant.

Needless to say, the tumors need to go, which means a single mastectomy at the very least. I’m meeting with an oncologist tomorrow at LMH Oncology Center, and even though I feel like that should scare me too, I actually can’t wait. Because as shocked as I was at the news a few hours ago, I can already feel my fear turning into determination. I may be peppy and generally happy-go-lucky in life, but I’m a fighter when I need to be.

So! I have breast cancer, you say? Well, okay then, I guess I have the fight of my life ahead of me. Bring it on, because even as I type this, I can feel my resolve growing and taking on a life of its own. I feel empowered. I’m ready to fight this with everything I have. Watch out, folks – I’m about to kick cancer’s butt!

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Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

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