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Megan Hill with son GannonDay 65: There is a blessing that comes with getting cancer: the outpouring of love from those around me.
Sometimes kindness doesn’t look very glamorous. Take, for instance, the subcutaneous fluids my best friend is giving my sweet, old cat, who...

Hair loss from chemotherapyDay 83: It started today: hair loss. I broke down in tears – a much-needed emotional release – but now I don’t plan to cry about it anymore.
I knew it was coming. I thought I had prepared myself for this part of the experience, but as I stood there removing my ponytail holder...

Megan's head shaving partyDay 88: Turning lemons into lemonade: my awesome head-shaving party!
If you or someone you know is dealing with hair loss from chemo, do what we just did: Throw a head-shaving party!

Anti-cancer dietDay 154: Easing into my new anti-cancer diet…it’s all about staying healthy from here on out!
It’s ironic how hard it’s been for me to eat healthy throughout chemo. With so much nausea and all the “fun” symptoms that go along with it...

Going back to work during cancer treatmentDay 172: I’m back at work! It feels so good to be at the office. I missed working in my office more than I ever thought possible.
Today I made a giant leap back to normalcy…I went back to work at the office! I’ve been working from home a few hours a day, but to finally...

Megan Hill and son Gannon

Day 220: I did it! I fought breast cancer, and I won. I dedicate this last journal entry to my amazing son, my family and friends, the people of LMH, and you.
Most 12-year-old boys don’t want their moms to write about them online. I get that, so I haven’t spoken much about Gannon, my amazing...

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