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Day 65: There is a blessing that comes with getting cancer: the outpouring of love from those around me.

Megan Hill with son GannonSometimes kindness doesn't look very glamorous. Take, for instance, the subcutaneous fluids my best friend is giving my sweet, old cat, who is fighting kidney failure while I fight cancer. No matter what shape kindness takes, however, it’s always incredibly beautiful by its very nature, and very meaningful for those it’s meant to help.

Lately, I’ve written so much about myself. And I know I’ll continue to do so throughout this bizarre little adventure. But not today.

I just want today’s post to show appreciation for my awesome family, friends and care providers. They’re all doing so much for me, and not a soul among them expects anything in return. My heart is so full of gratitude I can barely think straight sometimes, so I dedicate this entry to them, and to everyone else in the world who steps up to help loved ones with cancer.

As much as I’d love to name each person who’s helped me and how, we’d be here all day if I did. From my amazing family and friends to my amazing doctors and nurses at LMH, everyone in my life is being so great to me. Again, that’s the big takeaway that I’m so incredibly thankful for: this entire cancer situation is helping me see the gifts in my life more clearly than ever. Saying that I'm blessed is truly a huge understatement! Let’s all live in an "Attitude of Gratitude" and be thankful every day, no matter what our circumstances are. All is well, and life is good! Love to you all!

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Attitude of Gratitude

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