Treatment & Care: Chemotherapy

Wig Party for MeganDay 69: Chemo education class…check. Wig party with my besties…check. Come on chemo, let’s do this.
Two nights ago, I went to a Chemotherapy Education Class at LMH so I would know what to expect at my first chemo treatment tomorrow.

Chemotherapy at LMH Oncology CenterDay 74: First Round: Chemo – 1, Megan – 0
Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last entry, so I wanted to pop in and let you all know that I'm hangin’ in there. Many people have sent me emails over the last week, and I’m sorry to say I haven’t been...

Dr. Soule, Oncologist at LMH Oncology CenterDay 82: Feeling good again, now that I’ve recovered from my first chemo treatment. Here’s hoping Round 2 goes smoothly.
After the chemo side effects I wrote about previously, I just want to quickly let everyone know that I am doing very well now...

Chemo and a coldDay 111: Chemo Round 2 was no match for me! But the cold I caught a few days later was brutal.
Overall, my second round of chemo went much better than the first...thanks to an adjustment Dr. Soule made based on my round one...

Megan's is almost done with chemoDay 131: Almost done! My last chemo treatment is coming up. I’m so excited to put this in my rear-view mirror FOR GOOD!
In two days, I will have my fourth and final chemo treatment. Can I get a collective WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO?!! I cannot begin to...

Megan's Llast chemo sessionDay 140: With my last chemo behind me and only one surgery left to go, I’m almost finished fighting against cancer…though I know I've already won.
It has been one week since my fourth and final chemo treatment.

Megan's reconstructive breast surgeryDay 216: Surgery 4 of 4, here I come. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be finished with the last procedure in my fight against breast cancer.
Tomorrow I enter the final stretch of my journey from cancer patient to...

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