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Day 7: One breast ultrasound and two biopsies later, I got some answers today.

LMH Breast Ultrasound

Two days ago I had an appointment with Dr. Paul Kolkman (general surgeon at LMH), so he could further evaluate the lump in my breast. He did a breast ultrasound followed by two breast biopsies, and today the results came back.

The good news: the lump itself is benign. WHEW!

The (potentially) bad news: the sonogram revealed two nodules that may not be benign around the lump. In order to be sure, Dr. Kolkman suggested an MRI, which I will be having soon at the LMH Radiology Department.

So far I’m really pleased with Dr. Kolkman. This is scary business, but somehow he managed to put me at ease right from the start. Throughout the breast ultrasound and biopsies, he told me what he was going to do next at every step, so there were no surprises...and I think it’s worth taking a moment to share how comfortable I feel being a patient in his care. Here’s hoping I don’t have cancer and won’t actually need breast surgery, but if I do, I believe he’s the right man for the job. LMH has such great providers – I know how lucky I am to have experts I trust helping me through this.

More to come once the MRI is finished and the results are in. Please keep those positive thoughts coming. I am eternally grateful for all well wishes during this difficult time of uncertainty.

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