Workplace Wellness

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Are you ready to maximize your health benefits strategy, engage and empower your employees and reduce your organization’s healthcare costs?

Workplace Wellness

Together, improving the health and well-being of your workforce 

You want to manage your organization’s healthcare costs without sacrificing benefits that contribute to your employees’ health, happiness and productivity - and to your bottom line.

Our vision is to help organizations like yours reduce healthcare expenses, improve the well-being and productivity of their workforce and attract and retain talent by offering unique benefits.

LMH Health is committed to a healthier future

We are committed to building a healthier community from the ground up. When your employees are healthy and happy, that impacts their families and future generations of our community. Together, we can make a big difference in the overall well-being of your employee population. It’s simple: healthier people means a better quality of life, and a stronger organization, which contributes to sustainable growth in our community.

Empowered to do more

With LMH Health, your organization will have the tools to take your workforce health to the next level. We manage the programs and engage your population so it becomes a worry-free process for you. With our tools and services, your employees will have many opportunities to engage in their own health and create healthier lifestyles. With a healthier workforce, your organization could see a reduction in overall health care costs. 

Health Package

(a prerequisite for Health & Well-being package) 

  • A Wellness Portal will deliver a personalized and actionable wellness experience for each employee. 
  • Population Health Consulting will provide administration of your wellness portal as well as strategic planning and performance management to help your organization achieve improved workforce health and an enhanced employee wellness experience. 

Health & Well-being Package 

  • Health Navigation gives your employees access to a health navigator who will empower them to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle and encourage them to take advantage of their wellness program resources. 
  • Consumer Communications Services will design effective communication strategies and marketing collateral to ensure your employees are engaged and participating in your wellness initiatives. Your health navigator will distribute all materials and communications to your population. 
  • Workforce Health Analytics will collect meaningful data and provide you with the ability to monitor the impact of your programs and identify the top health risks of your population. 
  • Health Performance Reporting will help you understand your results, provide recommendations and track health plan spending trends. 

Additional services:

  • Biometric Screenings 
  • Biometric Verification Form 
  • Flu Shots 
  • Marketing Fulfillment 
  • Healthy Living Now Program 
  • Wellness Health Coaching 

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