We are so lucky to have your care

Published on January 27, 2021

We are so lucky to have your care

This hug is for the health professionals who stood in the blowing snow Wednesday morning as they cheerfully guided me through COVID vaccination 1. Individuals whom I could hardly see through their layers of clothing, gloves, protective gear and foggy glasses (mine and theirs) made me feel like a priority. They clearly told me what the next step would be and gave me friendly advice not to bare my arm until I got through the sign-in process, as if I might be made temporarily more uncomfortable. How humane! Thanks and a hug to the male staffer who kept me from driving the wrong way even though the exit direction was clearly marked. A special hug to the worker who administered an almost-painless shot and to friends Terry (RN) and Ryan (PA) whose healthcare expertise has served me often. You all worked together to make this experience an incredible and pleasant privilege. We in Lawrence are so lucky to have your care.

Mary Chapman

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