Published on September 23, 2011

KDS Staff Riding 100 Miles with Over 350 Patients

(Topeka, Sept. 13, 2011) -- Kansas Dialysis Services is the lifeline for many people with kidney failure in northeast Kansas. It is the organization’s mission to serve them—their medical needs and sometimes their basic needs for items including food, clothing, medicine, utilities, transportation and shelter.

On Friday, Sept. 30, Dr. Scott Solcher, Cotton O’Neil physician, Kansas Dialysis Services (KDS) Home Dialysis medical director, and medical director of the Lawrence KDS unit, and Stan Langhofer, administrator and CEO of KDS, will ride their bikes in the Tour de Dialysis to raise awareness and funds to benefit the Kansas Dialysis Patient Assistance Fund. This is the third year for the ride.

The bike tour will start in Ottawa and head to Topeka with a stop planned in Lawrence around 12 noon where they have planned a mini health fair with information about Kidney disease and dialysis.

"Tour de Dialysis was created out of a need to raise funds for the Kansas Dialysis Patient Assistance Fund in a way that would also increase the awareness of kidney health in all of the communities we serve," said Dr. Solcher.
KDS is co-owned by divisions of Stormont-Vail HealthCare and St. Francis Health Center in Topeka. At KDS, Dr. Solcher and his Cotton O’Neil partners Dr. Robert Porter, Dr. Lakshmi Duvvur, Dr. Keelyn Ericson and Dr. Vamsee Marina, along with Karen Hammond, ARNP, provide dialysis care for more than 350 patients.KDS has more than 100 staff members to provide dialysis care at four KDS units in Topeka, Lawrence, Ottawa and Sabetha.
"Patients who require dialysis already have extra hurdles to overcome in their lives. The money from this fund makes some of those hurdles a little easier," said Dr. Solcher. "To contribute this way is exciting."

The Dialysis Patient Assistance Fund provides emergency financial assistance to KDS patients and their families and is managed by the Stormont-Vail Foundation. Types of assistance provided include prescription medicine, meals, groceries, transportation, gasoline, clothing, temporary lodging, rent, utilities, automobile and appliance repair and insurance premiums.

"The patients we see on dialysis have already faced a variety of challenges and sometimes need a helping hand. This fund is there for them to help take the edge off for them and their families," said Langhofer.

All requests for funding must be made by the patient’s health care team including KDS social workers, nurses and administrative staff.
If you would like to pledge support for the Tour de Dialysis, contact
Stan Langhofer at (785) 234-2277 or the Stormont-Vail Foundation at
(785) 354-6851.

KDS Staff Riding 100 Miles with Over 350 Patients

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