Published on February 16, 2011

Lawrence Memorial Hospital Activity, Net Income Down From Previous Year

2010 statistics were released today during its board meeting. See Karrey’s complete story       

Lawrence Memorial Hospital’s 2010 statistics were released today during its board meeting.  

Its net operating income was $8.2 million, down 11 percent from $9.3 million in 2009, and most of the hospital’s activity was slightly down.  

President and CEO Gene Meyer said LMH is doing well compared with similar-sized hospitals nationwide, which saw significant declines.  

“We think this is an understandable level,” he said. “We’ve invested a lot of money into physical settings and the goal is to see increases in volume, but with the general economy and the general industry facing health care reform, there’s a lot of tentativeness out there.”  

Here’s a look at how the hospital fared in 2010, compared with 2009:  

  • $10.2 million — total net income, which includes investments, down from $12.1 million.  
  • $61.6 million — spent on salaries, up from $55.4 million.  
  • $2.2 million — spent on utilities, same as last year.   • $16.5 million — lost in bad debts, up from $15.1 million.  
  • $7.9 million — provided in charity care, down from $9.3 million.  
  • 35,627 — emergency room visits, down from 36,277.  
  • 1,148 — births, down from 1,150.    
  • 6,551 — patient admissions, down from 6,684.  
  • 216,652 — outpatient visits, down from 224,934.  
  • 5,652 — MRIs, down from 6,277.  
  • 940 — sleep lab procedures, down from 1,070.  
  • 18,662 — oncology treatments, up from 17,114.  
  • 4,530 — surgeries, down from 4,648.  
  • 618 — invasive cardiology procedures, up from 545.  
  • 274,852 — meals provided, down from 277,131.  
  • 23,492 — mammograms, down from 24,767.  

“We were a little surprised that mammographies were down with the emphasis on prevention,” Meyer said.  

LMH leaders think it’s because of the economy and conflicting reports on the effectiveness for younger women.  

Here’s how LMH’s family practices fared in 2010, compared with 2009, along with their profit or loss for 2010.  

  • 12,439 — Mount Oread Family Practice patient visits, down from 13,980. Net loss of $402,031.  
  • 4,529 — Eudora Family Care patient visits, down from 5,184. Net loss of $161,135.  
  • 7,166 — Family Medicine of Baldwin patient visits, down from 7,718. Net loss of $275,813.  
  • 4,707 — Family Medicine of Tonganoxie patient visits, up from 4,354. Net loss of $291,010.  
  • 1,686 — McLouth Medical Clinic patient visits, up from 1,545. Net loss of $134,304.  

Meyer said they purposely overstaffed some of the practices in order to help them grow. He said income losses are “absolutely typical” for family practices owned by hospitals.  

“We do want to minimize the losses, but our goal is to support doctors in the community,” he said.  

The financial numbers have not been audited yet. The audited numbers will be released in April.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital activity, net income down from previous year

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